Learn to skate on ice

The best approach in learning to skate on ice is requesting the professional assistance of an expert. Yet if you wish to learn skating by yourself, it is not impossible either. It will be more difficult and you will fall numerous times, but you will eventually accomplish your goals. Here are a few basic principles that will help you to learn ice skating all alone.

Ice skating for beginners

Start your lessons by staying near the sides of the ice rink. Feel the ice for several minutes, but hold onto the walls if you want to feel safe and sound. Let go only when you will be ready and move slow, with gracious moves. Bent your knees and do not straighten up, you may fall. But keep in mind that you have to learn how to fall as well! March little steps on the ice, without wobbling your ankles and lean forward to help you maintain your balance.

Because falling is inevitable, you have to practice it quite a lot. It is not embarrassing, everyone falls. It is important to get up and try again until you will glide on ice like a pro. Keep your balance and try to fall on your fists so that no one will accidentally skate over your fingers. Do not look at your feet when you will be skating! Look in the direction you are skating and try not to collide with other skaters.

You can always request the professional assistance of the experts from Lee Valley Skating Club if you think you cannot handle this on your own. Learning how to skate requires lots of practice and countless fallings. Stake gently forward, combine right and left strides without any pauses and you are halfway there! Keep up the good work and you will learn how to skate on ice by yourself!