World’s coolest ice skating rinks

You are always welcome to come and skate on the ice rink from Lee Valley Skating Club. You will practice here along with other beginners or experts, depending on which category you fit in. But if you travel abroad with your ice skates, there are many amazing ice rinks where you will have a great time. These are some of the coolest ice skating rinks that you should not miss in your lifetime.

Fascinating ice skating rinks

If you will ever arrive to Sweden when the chill of winter sets in, you must head to The Nordana Skating Rink. Glide on Nordana’s frozen small ponds under the fascinating Northern Lights and you will never forget this adventure on ice. Travel to the wintery wonderland within Chicago and admire the views of the city while skating on McCormick Tribune Ice Rink.

Warm up in Helsinki Icepark, charm your eyes with the spectacular Finnish architecture and refresh with a hot tea when you will listen to the live music. Watch the sun go down and go pack your bags for your trip to Moscow, where you have to skate on VDNKh Skating Rink. This is actually the biggest artificial ice skating rink in Europe and it provides stunning views of the impressive Russian buildings.

Skate on Zizhuyuan Park Skating Rink in Beijing and you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best ice courses in the world. Indulge with frosty activities such as ice bicycles, ice chairs, ice trolleys and ice ships and take pleasure in every second of your holiday. Have fun wandering on these mesmerising ice rinks when you will be visiting new countries and feel like a child again. Explore different cultures, meet new people and let your passion for ice skating bring you the relaxation you need in a perfect vacation!